Live to Learn; Learn to Live



Welcome to Senior Secondary School – G XI & XII

The Senior Secondary School program carefully considers all aspects of a child’s development: emotional, social, physical, and cognitive.  We believe that children can best acquire a rich body of knowledge and the skills needed for future learning through a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and that builds upon itself year by year.  It is our hope that our methodology is an expression of Jesus School mission, which is to inspire a love of learning, to build self-confidence, and to foster in our students the ability and desire to contribute to their community.

Senior Secondary school program is the higher level of Secondary Education. Students in Senior Secondary are about 15 to 17 years of age and are in the phase of being young adults. The senior secondary years of a student involves the 11th & 12th grade of a student.

In the Senior Secondary years, the respective fields of study get divided into various streams like Science, Commerce and Arts. Students can choose any stream that they are interested in and would like to make a career out of it by studying further. Senior Secondary years of education are the two last years of secondary education. After this the students take up college for specific degrees like engineering, doctor, CA, Accountancy, etc. 

 Eligibility for Secondary and Senior Secondary School

 CBSE requires students to take five subjects which are externally assessed in Year XII, plus some internally assessed subjects (general studies, work experience and physical and health education). Students must pass each subject to gain their full qualification.

CBSE requires students to take and pass examination in five subjects: two languages (to include English or Hindi) plus three electives from: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science

CBSE uses a relative scale with nine positional grades in each subject, which are based on the performance of ALL the candidates who passed the exam in that subject in a given year.

Positional grades are given with marks of 0 – 100, but are based on a comparative curve rather than on absolute grade ranges. Therefore, the CBSE positional grades are a good indication of the quality of the student in relation to his or her peers in that particular year. The minimum pass for CBSE subjects is 33%.

All students that pass are given a grade based on their rank order A –1, A –2, B –1, B –2, C –1, C –2, D –1, D –2, with A –1 representing the top eighth of candidates and D –2 representing the bottom eighth of those who pass. E indicates a failed candidate.

Opportunities abound to explore, strengthen, and cultivate numerous interests and peer relationships. We encourage students to take risks and learn from their mistakes. You’ll see our motto—Live to Learn and Learn to Live—woven throughout the days and months as hard work and moral distinction inform critical thinking, compassion for one another, and engaged citizenship.

Our habit of instilling brave curiosity and diligent effort has enabled Jesus School to thrive as the one of the best continuously operating academic institution.