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Welcome to Kindergarten school

Kindergarten is a German term meaning “garden for children”. Intended to prepare children for move from home to school, seen as an early education approach. We Jesus School provide a positive, stimulating introduction to classroom education in a separate block with an International infrastructure and modern amenities.

 We follow the Montessori methodology of teaching in our kindergarten. The Montessori Method of Education, developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children. Children learn the Montessori philosophy of order, independence, concentration and coordination, gradually moving from the concrete to the abstract. It involves activities such as playing, singing, drawing and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.

Children begin each day by exploring a new thing. We emphasize development of nascent skills in areas such as Languages – English, Tamil & Hindi, Math, Science, and co curricular activities. Students also participate in physical education, sensorial development, EPL – Exercise in practical life and games.

Our Kindergarten program gives each child a framework that helps ensure continued academic success with courage and smartness.

Pre Kg
Pre Kg

A child’s first step in Jesus School begins from Pre-kg. Pre-kindergarten (Pre-Kg) is a classroom based preschool program for children from the age of two and half years. (should have crossed 2.5 years as on 30th May)

Here in Pre-kg classroom, children learn first to adapt to a new environment away from home. They begin to socialize with new friends and people. We make them settle down within a week time. As they get adapted, they are been taught to know their environment and the facilities they would be using like rest room, dining hall, play area and activity hall. They are also been trained to follow the basic rules, good habits and manners.

Their educational journey starts with learning languages English and Tamil, Math and EVS – Environmental science which incorporates both science and social. Their daily study plan is based on a well designed curriculum. Their timetable is a mixture of learning, playing, singing and dancing with lots of fun.

The little hands begin to scribble, which is carefully taught to write letters. They are taught to recognize letters and numbers. Teachers teach them Rhymes and stories, which they are taught to recite back. They learn through fun filled activities using lots of Montessori kits.

Our Pre-kindergartens are cared by equally focusing on building their social development, physical development, emotional development, and cognitive development.


Junior Kindergarten is the second step our children take after completing Pre-Kg. Here in Junior Kg, as the children are more accustomed to the school, they are taught to work independently with teacher’s monitoring. Children learn the Montessori philosophy of order, independence, concentration and coordination, gradually moving from the concrete to the abstract.

Teachers focus in developing their basic skills like Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. They are taught to identify and write the alphabets of both the languages. We use phonics method to teach the sounds of the alphabets, which help our children to pronounce the words with good slang.

Math and EVS are taught with smart class videos and Montessori kits. Early learning also takes advantage of the developing brain and stimulates the development of neural connections, which explains the higher achievement rates in areas such as Math and EVS. Children are made to do all writings in the classroom with the help of the teachers and books send to the parents on weekends.


Senior Kindergarten is the next step after completing Jr-Kg. By the time they enter Sr.Kg, our children become very smart, courageous and intelligent. Here in Sr.Kg, all the alphabets in both Tamil and English are well taught and understood by the children. By the end of the year, they would be able to read simple sentences.

In addition, they are introduced to a new language – Hindi, which is our national language. Younger children can learn a third language easier because they are not as dependent on the first. In Math, children are taught the numbers up to 100 and number names too.  Many concepts and facts are taught in EVS. Their knowledge is slowly and meticulously built each day.

Their personality and smartness is also taken care. Children are made to listen useful English conversation videos and stories to improve their fluent English. Apart from regular learning process, children are trained to improve various skills through various programs like Sensorial to develop motor skills, EPL – Exercise in Practical life, Sand games, Jump Bunch, Swimming, Dancing, Cycling and free play in swing and slide.

The journey in Kindergarten ends with KG – Graduation day and children are taken to the main block primary school and made to sit in G I. Before the graduation day, Parents are asked to visit the school and go through their child’s performances. Children answer the questions in front of their parents.

By doing this, we are proud to say each parent that we have built your child’s foundation safely and strongly. Our Kindergarten program gives each child a framework that helps ensure continued academic success in grades one through four and beyond.


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