Live to Learn; Learn to Live



We resort to CBSE stream of instruction.  The  CBSE  is  an  autonomous  body  constituted  in  the  year  1962  by  the  Indian  government  to  impart  education  all  over the  nation  whose  main objectives  were to serve  the  educational institutions  more  effectively. To define appropriate approaches of academic activities to provide stress-free, child-centred and holistic education to all children  without  compromising  on  quality. The  CBSE adapts and innovates methods to achieve academic excellence in conformity with psychological, pedagogical and social principles. 

Each teacher at Jesus School holds the required certifications mandated by CBSE. We have a most dedicated, professional and experienced band of teachers who are passionate about working in our school. They are been working for a long time in Jesus school. Our teachers are skilled at developing creative teaching and learning environment and also in implementing specialized instruction for each student. Our teachers carefully track progress on each student’s performance as formulated by the school managing and planning committee. Each class is assigned with one class teacher who will collaborate continuously with other staff members and the student’s family to ensure excellent academic progress.

We assure that your children will benefit greatly from their diverse skills and dedicated commitment.